Luka Zabric | alto saxophone

Nikola Vuković | trumpet

Tin Džaferović | double bass

Luis Oliveira | drums
The seed of this project was planted in 2019 and has patiently awaited better times to sprout and flourish. Its slowly growing roots make their way through layers of sediments, nurtured by seeping musical influences, and its outreaching branches extend into domains of imagination. Distinct backgrounds of the group members are fused into an eclectic creation, characterised by their individuality and complementing the whole to form a whirling collective experience. Specifically intended for the right people at the right time on the right instruments, the music paves its way through realms of genres, energies and aesthetics, retaining an open attitude with a clear direction, yet mysterious destination.



main contact: Tom Tanzer - office(at)

Photos & Videos by Simon Reithofer

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